STL Scavenger

Want a bonus challenge? Find the Nine!

We’ve partnered with 9 local businesses for a bonus puzzle challenge. Visit each location and collect its individual card. Once you have all 9 cards, you can attempt to solve the puzzle and figure out the final clue. Along the way, check in on social media and try to win prizes from each location! There will be instructions on the back of each card on how to enter the prize drawings.

After you’ve collected all 9 cards and you think you know the answer to the final clue, submit it here for a chance to win a Reedy Press Prize Pack filled with books and local gifts!

Here's how it works

Visit 9 cardholder locations to collect a limited-edition card.

At the location, find someone and tell them you’re there to collect an STL Scavenger Challenge card.

As you visit each location, follow the instructions on the back of the card for a chance to win a prize!

Here's how to play

Collect all 9 cards to decode the final clue. Solve the final clue for a chance to win a Reedy Prize Pack!

All 9 cards will form a map, an image, and a clue word that will lead you to the final clue.

Meet the cardholders:

Main Street Books
Subterranean Books
Apotheosis Comics & Lounge
Left Bank Books
The Novel Neighbor
Abigail's Gift Boutique

The Social Media Challenge will end when all the cards run out! After we are alerted each location is out of cards, participants will have two weeks to find the final clue and submit their answer. The final winner will be announced two weeks later. Follow along on social media @StlScavenger for updates!